I’m An Individual

Today we had sunshine and rain to explore Geographe Bay in and a few more Humpbacks around including a gorgeous juvenile individual who had very unique markings and an all black tummy! We first sighted him on this mornings tour with five other Humpbacks in a very relaxed social group but by the time we sighted him again on the afternoon tour he had decided to leave the bigger pod and head off on his own adventure.

He was cruising through the bay and we had a fantastic look at him when he breached a couple of times completely clear of the water below… amazing! Most Humpback whales in the southern hemisphere tend to have big white bellies and dark grey to black backs with their northern hemisphere cousins more solid in colour, very similar colouration to the young individual we sighted today. However, having the largest Humpback population in the world here in Western Australia we are very lucky to see a wide variety of unique markings and colour on our Humpback whales.

The local Bottlenose Dolphin pod visited us twice today and they are always so much fun to spend some time with and seem to love coming right up close to the bow twisting and turning so they can get a better look at everyone.

ID Log
Date – 24.9.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 33 . 28. 96 Long – 115 . 20 . 19
Notes – Juvenile who was sighted on morning tour with pod, re-sighted on afternoon alone