In Memory of Robert

Today we dedicated our experience in the loving memory of Robert as we enjoyed a wonderful day with the Orca of the Bremer Canyon in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Arriving and scanning carefully it was only a few moments before the word everyone wants to hear was shouted loud and clear, “Orca!” and we were off! The familiar faces of Maleko, Jet, Kidji, Holey and Tatty surfaced together as we were greeted with the bid white eye patches and curious looks from our orca friends. They were on the hunt and as we joined with them we watched as the family dynamics unfolded throughout the day. Maleko followed his mum Jet closely as they both lingered just off the main pod and Jet allowed her eldest daughters to take charge of the mornings breakfast hunt. Just like human families, it is important for the next generation to learn how to lead the way and for these younger Orca to take on the hunt. While the rest of the family worked hard we enjoyed the consistent company of Jet and the magnificent Maleko as they charged through the Southern Ocean with such ease. Their immense power was felt as both surfaced right alongside our vessel and we looked back at Jet who came to a standstill right on our bow as she stopped to look back at everyone and we could see her thinking!

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