Interactive Whale Watching

Morning Tour

Interactive Whale Watching onboard the Whale Watch 1 as our brand new vessel continues to provide incredible interactive whale watching experiences. It was another dramatic sky this morning as the clouds gathered but the winds remained calm and it was exciting to make our way into the sighting grounds of Flinders Bay. Breaching further in the bay was sighted and we moved into the area as a competition pod was starting to form. The female raced over towards the reef line as the males quickly followed and all were jostling for position closest to her.

Nearing the islands they slowed as each whale maintained their spot in the line but had to focus on the approaching obstacle ahead. A second competition pod was beginning behind us and as we joined with them and noticed that the female seemed a little bit older and had more control of the males this time. Two out of the three males lost interest as the big bull stamped his ground and as they peeled away the female moved towards another pod just ahead of the Whale Watch 1. It was another two bachelor males and the pod now with fresh challengers began to rumble through the bay. The female breached towards us and encouraged the males to follow which was a perfect example of the trust and confidence these whales have towards the Whale Watch 1 due to her unique design which has been specifically designed for whale watching.

It was also wonderful to welcome onboard our delegates visiting from Rome today and introduce them to the incredible Humpback Whales of Western Australia. Augusta is certainly one of the most unique and beautiful places in Australia to see the essence of the northern migration.

Afternoon Tour

The winds ruffled through in the afternoon and amongst the white caps a few pods were moving through the bay. It was a warm breeze as we joined with a lone whale travelling on a mission from the eastern side of the bay over to the west. She was a heavily pregnant female and seemed completely focused on her migration ahead as she effectively travelled across the bay with ease. Wishing her well for the journey ahead we continued onwards and found more energy beginning as another competition pod for the day began to form. The female launched a huge tail lob as the boys came a little too close to her belly and then they took off after one another. Further pods moved on the outskirts as a juvenile approached our bow curiously. It was the perfect way to complete a wonderful start to the winter school holidays as the storm front arrives later this evening but thankfully will clear later on Sunday for some more interactive whale watching fun!

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