Intimate Humpback Whale Interaction

Intimate Humpback Whale interaction on a unique day off the Perth coastline as a gorgeous juvenile Humpback approached us with enthusiasm and curiosity. A rumble of thunder and rain enveloped us briefly at Sardine Jetty in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour this morning but it wasn’t for long as the storm quickly cleared and blue skies led the way towards the sightings grounds. A lone whale began to breach and pec slap, seeming to be calling out for attention in the morning sun. Approaching the area we gently slowed and came to a stop, floating and waiting for the next surfacing of this young whale. A powerful exhale erupted only fifty metres off our bow as this curious young Humpback approached us before circling curiously. 

The next surfing really took everyone by surprise as a commotion right on our stern could be heard as the young whale surfaced and began to pec slap only a few metres away! It was an incredible moment to enjoy such an intimate Humpback Whale interaction as he looked directly towards us and continued on with elegant pectoral fin slapping. Humpback Whales will often communicate towards us and the youngsters especially seem to enjoy these types of interactions. A second pod was approaching the area and we smiled to see this youngster encouraging them to join him but cautiously waiting on the other side of our vessel. All three whales surfaced together and one individual in particular was enormous, an incredible size difference for Grace and her team from the Fat Whales Project to document. Wishing these lovely whales a safe and successful migration ahead on our journey back towards the coastline we also enjoyed a short time with an escort pod migrating through the area on a beautiful day in Whale Watching Western Australia.

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