Intimate Whale Watch Off Rottnest

It was an intimate Whale Watch off Rottnest Island on a beautiful spring morning today as we were greeted by two curious Humpback Whales in a very friendly mood. Always a pleasure to meet our whales, it is interesting to observe the different behaviour and energy levels amongst the pods and these two adults were extremely relaxed. Surfacing just to our starboard side, they calmly approached and watched us from afar for the first couple of re-surfacing’s. Building trust can sometimes take time and these two whales began to circle us, around and around they went as each circle became increasingly closer to the vessel. We watched as their trust grew and confidence followed, before we knew it these two adults had decided it was time for a thorough investigation. They looked over every inch of our hull, stern and bow as they took their time in curiously watching over us. It was amazing to be so close to them and hear each powerful exhale and the fast following, much more subtle inhale with controlled breathing of their car sized lungs.

One of the adults who appeared to be the male escort of this pod was heavily scarred and his big white belly was easy to follow as they moved through the shallows. He at first was very relaxed and easy going with the interaction, it wasn’t until his female companion started showing more attention towards us than him did he begin body blocking her from the bow! They danced around us, each trying to get that bit closer as we enjoyed every moment observing wild whales so close. A long journey yet ahead of them, these relaxed and quiet moments in the shelter between Rottnest Island the the coastline will hold them in good stead and ensure that these Humpback Whales are refreshed and ready to go when the Humpback Highway begins to call again in a few hours time.

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