Join The Pod in Bremer Bay

Join The Pod in Bremer Bay Whale Watch Western Australia

Join The Pod in Bremer Bay and witness the hunt as today Queen and her family were back in The Patch and successfully captured a juvenile Beaked Whale. Our morning firstly began with familiar faces Cooee, Echo and Cookie along with their family members as they mingled and socialised together. Observing the environment we noted a large oil slick and much birdlife which indicated a kill may have been made earlier on in the morning. Hanging out together it was great to see them so relaxed as Echo and El Notcho socialised together which was special to see from El Notcho. It has been three consecutive days with the same family and although they were relaxed with our company and approaching curiously our goal today was still going to be interacting with a second family pod. The opportunity surfaced just ahead of us a short time later as we noticed Queen and her family moving in towards The Patch after a few days absence.

It was wonderful to see them all as they raced over excitedly for a quick hello but it certainly had a feeling that something had captured their attention. Regrouping quickly prior to spreading out it appeared they had found something of interest as energy levels increased as Queen, Wonks, Kirra and Bubbles surged forward with momentum. The chase was on as the family moved forwards quickly but we waited patiently to see where the Beaked Whale was attempting to make its escape and we hoped that maybe today it would be fortunate to get out towards the deeper waters. Queen of course was never going to allow that to happen as she ensured her family was spread far and wide blocking every possible escape route. It worked successfully as the family picked up speed a second time and began to surge as one and we could see that the hit had been made quickly. A large oil slick formed and as is typically the case with the juvenile Beaked Whales he or she had been captured at depth by the Orca after a likely powerful impact by one of the elder individuals. The hunt was over and it was an efficient one for Queen and her family who began feeding and enjoyed every morsel as they shared amongst the family pod.

It is always a sad day to see the loss of a Beaked Whale and during January to early April we see the peak time for the Orca to make the most of the opportunities available to them. Beaked Whale are moving through the area frequently and are an ideal source of nutrition for the may Orca who call these waters home. The family had been feeding for a while and we could see them carefully carrying pieces of distinctive red meat and sharing amongst the pod. Feeding for a while the family was almost all done when a commotion just ahead appeared and dozens of Pilot Whales were surging straight towards the Orca, it was time to get a wiggle on! Regrouping and moving off the Orca made sure to make it difficult for the Pilot Whales to follow them as cetaceans were moving left, right and centre. It was wonderful to complete what had already been an incredible day with the mischievous Pilot Whales and although they had come to disrupt the Orca today they were a bit too late and Queen once again displayed why she is the Queen of the Canyons.

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