Join The Pod Meet Samurai

Join The Pod Meet Samurai the youngest member of Queen’s family pod and a pocket rocket of energy! It was a beautiful morning in Bremer Bay with a warm breeze and humid conditions to guide us out to The Patch amongst endless sunshine. Moments after arriving it all started in a big hurry as a pod of 20-30 Pilot Whales charged towards us as the distinctive dorsal fin of Orca could be sighted just ahead of the Pilot Whales. Confident, fast and powerful in their movements the Pilot’s pushed in behind the Orca as Queen rounded up her family and held their ground while patiently waiting for the Pilot Whales to move past. Eventually they did which allowed the Orca to relax and playtime began to unfold amongst the youngest members of Queen’s family pod.

Samurai is the newest member of Queen’s family and is only 4-6 months old. A character already, little Samurai is extremely outgoing and loves nothing more than playtime and investigating. The family enjoyed lots of playtime as the calves would torpedo towards our bow playfully before racing back over to the adults. A wonderful interaction which continued all morning and into the afternoon as Alki and her family pod joined in on the fun. Orca calf Grace who is now one year old raced over to join the other calves and we now had all four youngsters right underneath our bow. Three Sunfish also made an appearance and managed to dodge the attention of the Orca for the most part. A lonesome Shark was following the Orca all day in hopes of food scraps as the Wandering Albatross put on another wonderful show. It was a beautiful day amongst the treasures  of the Southern Ocean and a joy to introduce to our Pod Members the many wonderful members of the family pods we work with including darling Samurai.

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