Join The Pod with Whale Watch

Morning Tour

Join The Pod with Whale Watch as we immerse ourselves into the whales world aboard the Whale Watch 1. The morning was peaceful after a weekend of rain and wind, a great display of how the reef line protects the bay and all who visit these waters. Our first pod was three cheeky bachelor males who were relaxed and rolling with the slight swell as they socialised and played in seaweed. Approaching for a closer look all three were interested in checking us out before continuing towards the fast approaching reef line. Wishing them well our next pod was a big surprise as a young calf surfaced alongside mum and this little one was only tiny.

Identification images were collected before we departed quietly so as not to disturb mother and calf as they kept a low profile. Our final pod for the morning was full of energy as a competition pod rumbled from the eastern side of the bay and we travelled with them all the way towards the Augusta Boat Harbour. Surging males pushed past one another to get closer to the female as big bellies, flukes and white water was sent flying. A fantastic start to our day and wonderful to see the Humpback Whales energy and behaviour amongst the different types of pods we observed.

Afternoon Tour

The glassy conditions were mesmerising as we departed the Augusta Boat Harbour and amongst the calm we could see slinky dorsal fins of both Bottlenose Dolphins and Humpback Whales. It was set to be a wonderful afternoon as a pod of two juvenile Humpback Whales beelined dolphins just ahead of us and swam quickly towards them. The dolphins had actually been travelling with the mother and calf Humpbacks from earlier this morning who had found a quiet spot in the corner of the bay. The juveniles didn’t bother mother or calf as they moved out to the left and the dolphins joined the juveniles for playtime.

The fun continued for over ninety minutes as the Humpbacks and dolphins enjoyed each others company and welcomed us into their pod as they approached within meters of the Whale Watch 1 as we drifted quietly with them. It was a very special interaction to be involved with and see the curious side of both species. The welcoming these whales had towards us was beautiful and we felt right at home as they played all around us with beautiful big wide eyes staring straight towards everyone onboard. Join The Pod with Whale Watch Western Australia these school holidays to meet the special whales of Western Australia.

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