Join The Pod

Join The Pod with Whale Watch Western Australia and let our family introduce you to the Orca families of Bremer Bay. It was another magnificent morning in the waters off Bremer as we departed the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour and made our way out towards The Patch. Arriving in the search grounds we were greeted by Cookie and her family pod in a warm welcome as they travelled together in the morning sunshine. Foraging is the focus when working with Orca as every day they work hard to ensure plenty of food for the family can be found. Steady surface times and focused down times could be seen from all of the pod members as they honed in on the area in search of breakfast. A stealthy dorsal fin moved past our bow and it was great to see a Hammerhead Shark cruising along on the periphery of the Orca ever hopeful for some food scraps at some point today. A strange object caught our attention next as a green bin floated past with Craig and Katy jumping into action and doing a great job in securing it efficiently.

Cookie and the family weren’t distracted by the shark or bin as they continued on with their focused foraging. Queen and the family were also close by just like yesterday and we joined with them as youngster Opal came racing over to say hello. A gorgeous young calf always full of energy, a lovely way to meet the family today as they too were settled into forage mode. The rhythm would change from exploring dives to travel time as they methodically moved through The Patch and it was great to see them all working together including the young calves. It is always a pleasure spending time with the Orca and welcoming our Pod Members onboard for the journey. One of our guests onboard today was very kind to say the experience was, “just like travelling with family instead of feeling like a tourist”. Our family and dedicated crew really appreciate these kind words and it is something we work hard to provide for all of our Pod Members onboard to enjoy the opportunity of meeting these Orca families in a family environment which is the perfect way to Join The Pod and be welcomed into the world of the Orca.

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