Juvenile Bachelor Pod

Juvenile bachelor pod of Humpback Whales rumbled through the sighting grounds today as mother and calf pods kept a low profile to hide from the boisterous boys. It was another busy day with the whales as multiple pods gathered in the resting grounds and our first interactions were with mother and calf pods calmly moving closer to the coastline. Reading their body language we could tell that something in the environment was causing these mother/calf pods to seek quieter areas away from the flow of arriving Humpback Whales. It soon became very clear as a few tail lobs and white water ahead of us indicated a surge in energy as multiple adult whales converged.

It was five young bachelor male Humpbacks who were moving past Rottnest Island eagerly looking out for any females in the area. A further two pods of adults were also moving towards Rotto and we could see the energy amongst the adults high with excitement. It was no wonder the mother and calf pods had cleared out from this area to ensure their little ones didn’t need to worry about the boisterous juvenile bachelor pod which had now formed and was swimming alongside us quickly. Tail lobs amongst the Humpbacks were used to show off and establish dominance as we could see that these young whales were ready to continue the southbound migration. A great morning out with the whales and fantastic to see not only the gorgeous new calves but also the energy and dominant displays that come with teenage Humpback Whales.

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