Juvenile Humpback Showtime

Juvenile Humpback showtime it was this morning as moments after departing the harbour three gorgeous young whales were breaching their way towards the Whale Watch 1. It was a fantastic way to begin our morning as for over an hour these three excited young whales displayed incredible breaching, pec slapping, tail slapping and tail lobbing as we moved with them across the bay. All three appeared extremely curious as they swam straight for us with one of the youngsters continuing the tail slapping within meters of us all which was incredibly exciting to see. A young Humpback Whale is often a boisterous Humpback Whale when with friends and we could see all three getting on very well and enjoying their morning activity.

A wonderful display of the many different surface behaviours we can observe amongst the Language of the Whales and as they called out to all other pods around we were fortunate to witness such a special juvenile Humpback showtime. It was nearly time for these youngsters to depart Flinders Bay and we wished them well as they navigated towards the reef line. Our next pod we joined with was a mother Humpback Whale and her new-born calf, this is our ninth calf sighted for the season so far at this stage. The little one was tiny and pale grey, often indicating they are only a few days old. Wishing mother and bub a safe journey ahead we continued back towards the Augusta Boat Harbour. Further pods moved through the bay quietly as they kept a low profile so not to be noticed by other pods in the vicinity. A big contrast from the high energy of our juveniles earlier on who were the most wonderful, excitable and happy pod to spend time with this morning.

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