Juvenile Humpback Whales in Augusta

Juvenile Humpback Whales in Augusta were busy today as multiple pods flowed through the bay and these curious young whales are always a great joy to spend time with observing their behaviour. Our first new friend for the day was filled with energy and would breach over and over again, launching skywards with momentum. A few big pec slaps were thrown in for good measure before extra breaches completed a very nice display of the Language of the Whales™️ from this enthusiastic young Humpback Whale. It appeared this youngster was attempting to attract some attention and as a solo traveller it is nice for the juvenile Humpback Whales in Augusta to find a suitable friend before departing Flinders Bay. Swimming alongside us happily, the appearance of two escort pods further ahead didn’t faze this youngster. Further juveniles were busy breaching later on in the morning as others tail lobbed to clear their spot in the bay.

The afternoon was sunshine, calm conditions and happy whales as within moments of rounding the Augusta Boat Harbour entrance a huge plume of white water erupted further ahead. It was a young Humpback Whale tail lobbing away in the afternoon sunshine and on arriving we could see this whale seemed to be enjoying a pretty good afternoon. Swimming towards our bow and investigating, the young whale seemed happy with us and continued on tail lobbing with the distinctive thud landing with a brilliant splash. The other whales close by were not responding which meant this youngster had to continue the search for a friend  which seemed to be the theme for todays solo juvenile Humpbacks. A pod of three whales eventually changed to two and this flirty pair were twisting and rolling alongside each other in very sweet displays of affection and social interaction. Playing in the seaweed was next on the afternoons activities as we smiled to see both whales having a wonderful time after such a long swim from Antarctica to be here today.

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