Juvenile Humpbacks in Augusta

The juvenile Humpbacks of Western Australia have taken over Flinders Bay in spectacular fashion! Breaching, tail lobbing and inverted tail slapping greeted us this morning as three juvenile Humpbacks communicated the Language of the Whales™ with much white water as their bodies landed on the surface of Flinders Bay. One individual in particular, who appeared to possibly be a young female, was very focused on finding a friend today and after her noisy display she started to move with purpose to an area up ahead with even more possible Humpback friends. The baitfish schools continued today and the birds were still actively feeding, the word must have gotten out that the food was plentiful in Augusta as a pod of beautiful Common Dolphins arrived. Their lovely yellow bellies and matching dorsal stripes created the allusion of race cars flashing past our bow as they darted playfully in our company. Looking up we could see the young female Humpback surfacing directly underneath our bow as she used us as a block to hide her approach towards another juvenile Humpback just to our right. They were both swimming directly towards each other and within moments the two were becoming fast friends. The Common Dolphins made sure to join in on the social fun and all ten cetaceans swam directly towards our bow. The Dolphins lead the two new Humpback friends towards us and we watched as the playful and curious side of our new cetacean friends was enjoyed by everyone onboard. Juvenile Humpbacks are leading the charge of the epic northern Humpback migration and as we move towards June we will slowly start to see the more mature Humpbacks coming through in larger numbers.

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