Juvenile Humpbacks of Western Australia

The juvenile Humpbacks of Western Australia were roaming today with much interest towards us. Our first meeting was of a solo traveller who appeared at first to be very focused on his migration when suddenly a call went out of a shadow to our port side and underneath the vessel… he had arrived! Surfacing very close on our stern he then continued to excitedly swim circles around us with intense curiosity. Interacting with the juvenile Humpbacks of Western Australia is always a lot of fun as we get to know the unique personalities of these young characters who we hope to be spending even more time with as the years go on. Their younger age often brings them into situations that are typical of most teenagers, showing off in front of everyone just like this friendly young Humpback.

Continuing his journey past Rottnest Island we also continued ours as we met another pod of juveniles who were also enjoying the Sunny Sunday Sunshine. Looking carefully we could see fairly fresh Cookie Cutter Shark bite wounds on the rostrum and flanks of this young whale. Although their appearance looks painful they will heal very quickly and it won’t be too long before a orangish/whitish scar forms. The body condition of both pods looked good and although they still have a long way to go it is exciting to meet the juvenile Humpbacks of Western Australia and their friendly personalties!

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