Killer Whale Expeditions

Killer Whale Expeditions in Western Australia are a dream come true for many of our guests and it was another magnificent day as we were surrounded by Killer Whales. It was a cloudy morning to begin with but very quickly cleared into a beautiful day as we found ourselves moving west, east south and even north today as we joined the Orca hunt. The Shearwaters and Albatross glided above the distant blows and it was exciting to watch as we counted each one and found ourselves at a total of 15 Orca, it was Blade and his family pod. Welcoming us into the mornings activities, we Joined The Pod and travelled with the family as they surfaced every couple of minutes right alongside us. Reaching the point they desired, it was now time to move back towards The Patch and the surge began as all the family members took off including the big boys! Surging east and having the Orca ride in our wake as they darted across the bow, the energy and enthusiasm continued all the way back towards The Patch.

The big males were very much joining in on the fun today and moving with great pace, making the movement of 8-10 thousand kilograms look easy. Regrouping upon our arrival we could then sight Elvis, Blackberry and their family moving towards us as El Notcho moved in on our stern. The next resurfacing was incredible as we had the five, mature males all around us and only within a few meters of the bow. The rest of the family members followed them as they reshuffled, using our vessel as a bit of a distraction to politely move around each other. Killer Whale Expeditions from Bremer Bay are always an exhilarating day and one last highlight was an enormous Sunfish cruising past our bow and purposely dodging the Orca as the local Bottlenose Dolphins made a quick appearance just as we departed the Bremer Bay Bat Harbour later that afternoon.

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