Killer Whale Families Bremer Canyon

Killer Whale families Bremer Canyon are a fundamental part of the ecosystem and one of the reasons why Orca are the apex predator of our oceans. Everyone has a role within the family unit and teamwork enables them to hunt successfully and find regular meals for the family. Today we were greeted by El Notcho and his family including much loved Cookie, Oreo and Swirl. They had recently finished a successful hunt as a large oil slick stained the surrounding area and Shearwaters, Albatross and Storm Petrels gathered in large numbers to nibble on the leftovers.

We journeyed with them throughout the morning as they switched from resting to foraging behaviour. Curious close passes to investigate us and come in for a better look enabled the perfect opportunity to hear the powerful exhale of each individual. The rhythm of the family is important and the better the symmetry, the better they are able to hunt together. The afternoon held a special surprise as B-Slice and his family pod returned back to the Patch as little Razor raced underneath our bow and showed off his cute little calf moves, adorable! We also did a small rubbish collection today as a floating pillowcase caught our attention and was retrieved back onboard, much to the dismay of the small fry who had been hiding underneath their temporary floating home. Killer Whale families Bremer Canyon are continuing to grow and prosper in the nutrient rich waters off Bremer.

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