Killer Whale Research

Killer Whale research was a joy today as we welcomed onboard John Totterdell who has been studying the Bremer Bay Orca for decades and is a fundamental reason why our guests have the privilege of seeing Orca in the wild today. It was a beautiful morning with the sunshine and calm seas escorting us towards the sightings grounds and all eyes began to scan for the Orca of Bremer Bay. John has been studying these Orca for many years and shortly after arriving in The Patch John sighted birds as we followed the trail, sure enough the Orca were just up ahead. It was big male B-Slice and his family pod cruising towards the west as Razor and calf Blade raced towards the bow for morning greetings. They were relaxed and continued at a steady pace, every so often swimming towards the bow and alongside us to have a good look which was an incredible thrill.

Identification work is vitally important every year to monitor the continued growth of this wonderful Orca population and hopefully identify further individuals. The Orca worked with us today and provided many opportunities for both the left and right side profiles. Returning back towards The Patch we were surrounded by Split Tip, Noosa, Flapper, Stormy and Adina as they approached the bow with young Stormy surprising everyone by surfacing right next to us. It was now siesta time as we spent our afternoon in good company as the family relaxed and hardly moved with regular down and surface times. Happily approaching the bow and curiously looking towards everyone, it was a special day on the water with a cheeky Sunfish making a last minute appearance towards the end of our afternoon. Killer Whale research in the waters off Bremer Bay on a beautiful day with John Totterdall, thanks John for sharing your valued knowledge and information of this area you have studied over so many decades and we are looking forward to collaborating with you!

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