Killer Whale Surge

Killer Whale surge with Meeka and her family as they moved with pace and sent white water flying reaching a top speed of 25+ kilometres per hour. It was lovely to catchup with this family pod again and see little Warnie happily swimming amongst the family looking healthy and happy. The pod was busy foraging today as they covered ground efficiently in search of a meal. The Orca need to focus each day on securing their food and they themselves do not know when or where the next meal will appear. The importance of the elders of each family pod including their matriarch is vital in leading the family into the right areas to find food. Working with the change of season, currents and weather patterns keeps the Orca busy and displays their wonderful intelligence and knowledge of their enormous big, blue backyard.

Cruising alongside us easily the family were looking and relaxed as they covered ground. Meeka made the call and accelerated with all pod members immediately following. White water was sent flying everywhere as they launched themselves with ease through the swell. Covering ground easily we monitored their speed as it continued to keep ticking up and up. The top speed of the day was just over twenty five kilometres an hour and absolutely flying. It is always amazing to see the calves keeping up with the fast pace as they tuck in close to mum and move in her slipstream. A wonderful day with a wonderful pod and great to see them foraging in and around The Patch as the season changes so will the patterns of movements for each Orca family pod.

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