Killer Whales at Play

Killer Whales at play in the waters off Bremer Bay as we arrived to a smiling and playful Madison enjoying her Sunday morning. Our first meeting was with a very familiar family pod, Queen (aka Split Tip/Split Pin) surfaced alongside the rest of her family and we smiled to see the recognisable dorsal fin of Nani as well. It didn’t take long before a cheeky calf surfaced close by and came over to say good morning, it was Madison and she was very excited to see us again. She began to roll onto her back and lift her mouth above the surface, forcing the mouthful of water to squirt into the sky. Making us all giggle as she continued this throughout the morning as little Grace watched on.

Grace is now a little bit older and was very carefully watching Madison, you could almost see her amazement as she watched her spy hop, surf and swim upside down with ease. Grace decided that if Madison could do it so could she and began to try and turn her tiny body all the way over. It is not the easiest thing to do in the Southern Ocean when you are only around four weeks old, but she did a very good job and managed to wriggle herself upside down a few times. Madison seemed to know that Grace was watching carefully so she continued to display special surface behaviours as she would spy hop very high and then open her mouth to release the seawater she was carrying, creating her own little waterfall. A very special day in the company of these two special families as matriarch Queen came to visit us again in the afternoon and joined us along with her family.

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