Killer Whales Bremer Bay

Killer Whales Bremer Bay were busy today as they foraged successfully for squid as powerful surging unfolded into a hunt with all pod members sharing in the feast as the Pilot Whales raced towards them. The energy was very serious as we arrived in The Patch and observed the Orca focused and attentive as they spread out thinly. The feeling was that they were certainly tracking something and establishing a large Orca net to entrap their prey. Joining with Noosa we were only with her for a short time before she launched into a powerful surge as the rest of the family pod followed and moved quickly. It didn’t take long for them to secure their meal and the scent and resulting oil slick indicated that they had found some delicious squid for lunch. Queen came over along with the family as they enjoyed sharing their meal amongst the pod members.

During this time we noticed Pilot Whales come racing towards the Orca within only ten meters. The Orca held their ground and continued to move forward as the Pilot Whales closed in around our vessel. Trying to use our sound footprint to disguise their approach the Pilot Whales were only a few meters away from the Steep Point and approaching behind the Orca. The plan didn’t work too well as Queen diverted her family away and the Pilots continued out to the west. It was now relax and rest time for the Orca as they stretched out with full bellies and looked very content. The calves came over for some cheeky playtime as Samurai and Opal zoomed around and underneath us with such enthusiasm, the Killer Whales Bremer Bay have certainly been feeding well this week!

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