Killer Whales Bremer Bay

Killer Whales Bremer Bay surrounded us as we arrived in the Bremer Canyon… over one hundred individuals were feasting and there were oil slicks everywhere you looked. Arriving to such a scene is spectacular and the Orca had certainly made a few successful kills, Stormy and her mum were the first to great us on our arrival as we watched the delicious morning breakfast being shared around the entire pod. Swimming past our bow and showing off small morsels tucked between their lips the Killer Whales Bremer Bay were very proud of their morning hunting results. The feasting went on for over two hours and once everyones bellies were full the Queen (Split Tip) took one last hunk of squid and trailed it alongside her for the “grandchildren” to follow. She was encouraging hunting behaviour and it wasn’t lone before the calves including Stormy were practicing lunging, wrestling and pushing each other below the surface in an attempt to practice and master the skills they will need to hunt successfully as they get older. An absolutely incredible day filled with curiosity as our Orca played not only amongst themselves but allowed us to Join The Pod and become babysitters of the little ones for a few hours!

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