Killer Whales on the Surge

Killer Whales on the surge today with high energy and close encounters as they raced past our bow. Our first encounter was on the journey towards The Patch as Common Dolphins raced towards us for their morning greetings in-between foraging on delicious pilchards. Porpoising out of the ocean and propelling themselves towards us it was thrilling to observe their speed and agility. A very large slick had formed just ahead on our arrival in the sighting grounds and it was evident that a kill had been made a little while earlier. Dozens of Shearwaters, Albatross and Storm Petrels scanned the oceans surface before plummeting into the sea for minuscule scraps. The Orca surfaced and we could see small chunks of flesh being carried proudly, the gamey smell from the slick indicated it was highly likely to be a Beaked Whale predation. 

Killer Whales on the surge is always an exhilarating experience to join and as we raced to the west it was a wonderful moment to see a pod we haven’t met since last season. It was Matilda, Banjo and the family including curious Chrissy as usual who has grown so much! They surged alongside us playfully and seemed to be in a curious and cheeky mood making their way along a favourite track. Surfing the swell with us they moved at speed directly underneath our feet, typical dolphin behaviour with bow and wake riding a favourite pastime. Slowing up a long way west of The Patch they regrouped and we wished them well for the rest of their journey ahead after what had been a fun and exciting afternoon of surfing with the oceans apex predators.

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