Killer Whales Western Australia

Underneath our feet we watched as a small morsel of squid floated past, we had arrived in the domain of the Killer Whales Western Australia and they had just finished their breakfast! The family surged to the surface once again as we followed them through the 1,000 meters that they were foraging in. Lucky caught our eye and we were very excited to see her again and her family, she is easily recognisable due to her unique dorsal fin being very short, possibly an injury she sustained from an interaction with other Orca or perhaps an aggressive Giant Squid in the past. The family joined us for close interactions as they investigated our bow and stern, surfacing so close to everyone onboard we all stopped breathing for a second or two!

Stormy is growing in confidence every time we see her and today was busy chasing Shearwaters, racing below our bow and even spy hopping to get a better look at us. Closely looking at her mums mouth in one of our images captured today you can see a small amount of food being held in-between her teeth, savouring your meal is always a good thing. Our sounder also showed a great example of the bank our Orca will use when hunting to push prey up into shallower water and increase their chances of a successful hunt. A beautiful Sunfish surfaced close by and we watched with much amusement as he carefully moved towards a jellyfish and in one quick slurp it was gone! Another magnificent day with Killer Whales Western Australia.

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