Killers Learning The Hunt

Killers learning The Hunt today as the next generation practiced all the tactics they will need to take down larger prey. The morning started with an explosion of white water as matriarchs Queen, Alki and Cheryl along with all of their pod members surged through the swell. Breaching, fluke slapping and head lunging unfolded everywhere we looked as each family worked together to make some noise. The calves were launching like jellybeans as the excitement amongst them reached fever pitch with matriarch Queen stopping and calling everyone in to regroup. Giving the all clear for playtime to begin for the next few hours we watched on in amazement as we observed Killers learning The Hunt from the elders in their family.

It was nonstop activity as we found ourselves completely surrounded by so many beautiful Orca, all these individuals from each family pod mingling together and enjoying every minute. The calves would pick out who was going to be the “Beaked Whale” before bombarding that Orca with wrestling and drowning manoeuvres. Learning the skillset required to undertake such elaborate hunts takes practice and is vital for these young calves to master from a young age. The hunt from earlier on in the morning had filled their bellies and provided hours of energy for them to make full use of throughout the rest of their day. Blackberry, Elvis and their family cruised on in after hearing all the commotion to complete the most wonderful day out with the Orca of Bremer.

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