Killers On The Storm

Killers on the storm surged amongst the thunder and lightning peaking at a top speed of fifty kilometres per hour! It was an exhilarating start to the morning as Kidji and her family surged with power as they erupted through the swell and hurled themselves into the hunt. It appeared they were tracking either a large squid or possibly a Beaked Whale as the entire family moved with urgency. The prey seemed to make a lucky escape as Kidji called a stop to the surge and regrouped her family pod as they moved back towards The Patch. The storm cell moved past and it was a unique moment to be side by side with wild Orca amongst the rain falling into the southern oceans. The family moved powerfully through the conditions as Chalky and Hookfin also travelled alongside the family as they have done often throughout this season.

The afternoon was a different day as the rain cleared and winds eased with the Orca making the most of the pleasant conditions. Cubs, Cubby and little GeeDee spent time with Wobbles who decided it was the perfect time for play as the calves raced over for the afternoon interactions. Channeling their inner dolphin the calves leapt into bow and wake riding as we kept a slow and steady pace that the calves loved. Looking straight up at us through the clear water we could see them wiggling past each other to get the best spot right underneath our hull. Incredible to be this close to wild Orca and surfing with them as the calves seemed to be enjoying the interaction almost as much as we were onboard. Eventually it was time for Wobbles to call in the calves as they regrouped and we wished them well for their evening ahead.

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