Killers Take Another Beaked Whale

Killers take another Beaked Whale as they surged to the west after an explosion of white water took place up ahead and the hunt unfolded. A lovely morning escorted us towards The Patch and shortly after arriving blows were sighted. Lingering in the area and watching for the next resurfacing all eyes moved to our stern as familiar faces surfaced with B-Slice, Moni and Millie greeting us firstly this morning. The rest of the family were slowly filtering in and they all seemed to be in a rather relaxed and social mood. A steady pace was set and we began to make our way to the west as B-Slice positioned himself close to us with some enjoyable bow riding and wake riding, he seemed to be having almost as much fun as we were! The family continued to the west before the second half of the family pod converged and everyone pivoted together and began moving back towards The Patch as this journey was more focused and at a slower pace. Energy is so important to observe and can indicate a ripple affect of an event happening further away. The family lifted energy levels as one, pivoting abruptly and surging past the bow with speed. A sudden increase often indicates that they have found something and it appeared the chase was on, but as the surge continued we lifted our eyes towards the horizon and the entire story changed.

Thirty plus blows created a haze on the horizon and in the calm conditions we could see an explosion of white water erupt. Incredibly, it was another hunt unfolding and the commotion is the reason why B-Slice and his family were in such a hurry as they tried to arrive in time. Approaching the area we could see the powerful movement of white water just as we have observed over the last two days continuing as the struggle created plumes of white water with the final movement showing a tinge of red as the ocean around the kill sight turned green due to the blood. A calm now filled the area as the Orca involved with the hunt could be seen breathing heavily and regrouping. The sharing of the meal was quick compared to the previous two days as the large slick grew and the key members of the kill remained close to the heart of the slick. Feeding was enjoyed by all and slowly, almost one by one the Orca began to move out of the area and the remaining individuals proudly surfaced with their prize. The skull of the Beaked Whale was being paraded around us and we watched on as delicate feeding turned into social play as the skull was dropped and allowed to sink a few meters before being retrieved again. John Totterdell monitored the time and it was surprising to see that these proud hunters had carried the skull with them for almost two hours. To observe Killers take another Beaked Whale for the third day in a row just displays what an incredible place we have the opportunity of observing daily and a privilege to work with these apex predators.

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