Kings of the Canyon

Kings of the Canyon were within the calm before the storm amongst the uniquely beautiful conditions today. Chalky, Hookfin and Blade swam together as their towering dorsal fins stood clear of the southern ocean below. Kidji and her family pod joined the boys for a relaxed and focused day of foraging as they spread out the Orca net in search of breakfast. Breathing easily and moving with fantastic symmetry the entire family pod covered much ground today within The Patch as they focused in on a few particular areas that have been successful in the past. The hard work paid off as a slick began to form amongst the Wilson Storm Petrels and it looked like fresh squid was being enjoyed for breakfast. Morning tea over and after a long search for that one small meal the family took a short power nap. Resting close by they didn’t move far for the next few resurfacing’s as the family enjoyed a small time to relax before the next foraging foray.

The lingering storm complimented the dark contrasts of our perfectly painted black and white Orca as our Kings of the Canyon sliced through the silver southern ocean leaving us with a truly unforgettable sight. Into the silky conditions they went as the Orca net formed again and the family settled back into their disciplined and consistent foraging mode. The time spent with wild Orca is always special but especially on days where we have such beautiful lighting. The moody sky and calm sea allowed the Orca to stand out clearly as all pod members would surface in unison. Wishing them well for their afternoon foraging ahead of them we hope that they enjoyed their day as these calm conditions are set to change for tomorrow with very strong southerlies arriving later this evening. The Orca know their home better than anyone and are perfectly prepared for the weather ahead, conserving their energy now to handle the week ahead.

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