Language of the Humpbacks

Language of the Humpbacks is a beautiful language to learn and observe as today we were surrounded with the friendly company of curious whales. Our initial pod we had the opportunity of meeting were very relaxed and moving quietly as we could see they were looking for a comfortable reactionary distance. It was soon very clear why we were seeing this language as a short distance away were multiple pods beginning to converge. Boisterous tail lobs were seen to establish dominance as these youngsters were excited to communicate and call in attention towards themselves as they looked for a social time. It didn’t take long as soon we found ourselves surrounded by five beautiful, curious and excitable Humpback Whales all round the Steep Point.

Spy hops with eyes wide open looked back our way as they tried to get closer for a better look. These young whales are a joy to spend time with and their silly antics are always very humorous as they show off to each other in these social interactions. Floating upside down just off our bow and completely relaxed we smiled to see how much fun these Humpback Whales were having, nearly as much as we were! The local Bottlenose Dolphins decided they also wanted to join in with the party as they came racing over for some social interaction. It was lovely to see these two species interacting together and having a wonderful time as they welcomed us into the pod. Learning the Language of the Humpbacks is wonderful as it allows an insight into the intelligent minds of these beautiful whales and today we were spoilt to have met some new friends of the cetacean kind!

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