Language of the Orca

Language of the Orca was on display today as we observed six different family pods foraging, socialising and communicating together. It took only a few short minutes before blows were sighted just ahead on our arrival as we could see many individuals spread throughout The Patch. It was exciting to see big boy Koomba today who is looking absolutely fantastic and huge! A dorsal fin that towers above the rest as this big boy spent the entire day flirting with the girls. Kirra kickstarted the language of the Orca conversation as she leapt into full body breaching as others followed with the communication spreading quickly. Soon we had all Orca on a cruise surge to the west as they covered ground efficiently and had fun along the way. Surfing our wake and bow riding was enjoyed by many including little Samurai as the families were all spread and mingling.

The adults were very flirty today with many of the big boys taking this opportunity to mingle with the ladies. Swimming belly up underneath the girls it was entertaining to watch how they went about approaching one female and then the next keeping them busy throughout the day. It was also interesting to observe today as they worked towards the shelf and we watched as they converged before diving and surfaced amongst a thin but large oil slick. It appeared squid had been located successfully as the calves were called in and surged towards their mums quickly so they could share the meal with each of the little ones. Feeding followed before playtime ensued as the youngsters from three different family pods fed and mingled together. It was beautiful to watch how well the little ones all got on and enjoyed each others company including little Warnie whose missing dorsal fin was very noticeable amongst all the others. He may look a bit different from everyone else but the other young calves love him all the same and made sure he was part of the fun today.

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