Language of The Orca

Queen taught us The Language of the Orca today as to our astonishment she swam towards our bow and spoke to us with a clear, “Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” being heard on her exhale! She was most certainly having a good old chat and it seemed directed towards us as we watched the incredible interaction unfold throughout the day. Throughout the morning and afternoon Queen and Noosa both travelled together as their calves played and socialised not far behind. The older females grouped together later on including Noosa as they appeared to go into a resting state, dozing peacefully as they travelled closely together. Queen was not in the mood to rest though and was off joining with the teenagers and young calves including baby Stormy for some social time and food sharing. A small morsel of squid was being carried around from an earlier meal and everyone was in on the fun with twisting, rolling, spy hopping and pec slapping all around us. Queen brought the whole family of little ones over to us and they continued to play underneath our bow, then Queen began to talk. Continuing with her unique sound as she exhaled it was hard not to giggle as the funny gurgling exhalation from the Nanna of the family seemed more along the lines of what her calves should be doing, instead Nan was having a bit of a chat and teaching us humans The Language of The Orca! Every day in the canyon is unique and today was no exception with a remarkable interaction and a new word added to our repertoire of Orca.

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