Language of the Whales in Action

Language of the Whales in action on both our morning and afternoon tours today as the Humpback Whales lit up the sighting grounds. It was a cosy morning as the cooler temperatures were a refreshing shift from the last two warm days as a gentle cloud cover escorted us throughout most of the day. Breaching ahead of us was two seperate pods as calves and their mums communicated to each other with spectacular breaching, pec slapping and tail lobbing. It was very exciting to watch unfold as each pod responded to one another and at times it felt like a tennis match as our heads swivelled left then right! It took a while but eventually they started to relax as the pod to our right settled in for a rest after all that hard work and the mother, calf and male escort to our left became very curious towards us.

Throughout the next 45+ minutes the three beautiful whales swam around and around the Steep Point with much curiosity. The male began to wiggle in-between us and the mother and calf as he seemed to feel she was showing far too much attention our way, he was being the perfect escort and bodyguard. Our afternoon began with a mother whale in close with her calf and she showed off two powerful tail lobs to assert her dominance. It was then time to begin playing with the seaweed as she twisted and rolled with her calf as both had a wonderful time before settling in for a rest. Wishing them well we moved back out to further pods who had begun to converge and with this came further surface language. Multiple pods joined in the conversation with breaching, pec slapping and spectacular inverted fluke slapping on show.

One of the calves launched into breaching when a small dinghy raced past which then led into a conversation with a nearby bachelor male. The communication went back and forth as the calf was non stop breaching and head lunging until eventually the bachelor male made his way over to the pod. All three now joined but that didn’t stop the young male calf from letting the bachelor male know who was boss! He was such a cutie and had an abundance of character and enthusiasm that we wont be forgetting about anytime soon. Language of the whales in action today for our Pod Members onboard to enjoy as the afternoon saw the sun chase away the clouds to complete yet another wonderful day with the whales.

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