Language Of The Whales

The Language Of The Whales was on display today with both our morning and afternoon tours witnessing acrobatic conversations amongst the whales with tail lobs, breaching, head lunging and tail slaps lighting up the bay. Moments after departing the Augusta Boat Harbour this morning a commotion began up ahead of us as we travelled alongside an escort pod who was moving towards the commotion. A large adult was throwing some powerful tail lobs skywards as a curious juvenile approached. Defending the female he was traveling with, the tail lobbing and tail slapping continued but with a little more focus on playfulness rather than dominance. The juvenile swam past our bow and the remaining two adults decided to hang out with us as they swam underneath and around the bow and stern before relaxing only a few meters away. Eventually they moved into the shallows and we allowed them to rest as we moved towards another pod just ahead.

Watching carefully for the next resurfacing everyone gasped as an enormous shadow appeared right alongside us, it was our special mother and calf pod! She had recognised the sound of our vessel and swam directly over to us as little Archie the calf was curiously looking at us as he swam so close to his mum, balanced lovingly on her back. Our afternoon was just as exciting as a heavily pregnant female escorted us towards the reef line. Head lunging began and then the whole bay around us lit up with The Language of the Whales as one pod after the other began to breach, head lunge and tail lob. Two of the pods eventually joined and we smiled to see the three amigos moving out and continuing north while another commotion started up behind us. A very enthusiastic male was trying to impress his female companion who was ignoring him as she tried to approach us for a closer look. He was not overly impressed by this so pulled out the moves with some muscle flexing as he tail lobbed and cheekily tail slapped in the afternoon sunshine.

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