Last Augusta Tour for Season 2021

The last Augusta tour for Season 2021 unfolded today as beautiful sunshine and friendly Humpback Whales made for a memorable tour after another wonderful Augusta season. The brackish water from the immense amount of rain currently making its way down the Blackwood River could be easily seen as it reaches out into Flinders Bay. Extending for an incredibly long way as the calm conditions allowed the brownish hue to make its way 10 nautical mile from the coast before clear blue water appeared again. Tall exhales just ahead first caught our attention and as we approached two young Humpback Whales surfaced side by side. A perfect opportunity to make a gentle approach and introduce ourselves to these lovely whales.

A long down time and a quick surfacing on our stern indicated that these two Humpback Whales may be showing some interest towards our vessel. Staying still and waiting carefully for the next resurfacing a sudden commotion on the bow indicated something had surfaced causing everyone to jump in surprise… it was our two friendly visitors! The Humpbacks were immensely curious as they spent the rest of our interaction swimming around and underneath us, following after each other and enjoying some social time. The season has certainly changed and as we start to see the first of the Humpback Whales heading back south the intensity of the southbound whales will only grow from here. Another wonderful Augusta season and we would like to thank all of our Pod Members and the fantastic community of Augusta for joining us this season, see you in 2022!

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