Last Day for Augusta Season 2018

A perfect way to complete Season 2018 in Augusta with both our morning and afternoon tours enjoying rare interactions with mating Southern Right Whales which leaves us now even more excited for Season 2019 as we anticipate the arrival of brand new baby Southern Right Whales! A magnificent day with five adult whales indulging in courtship behaviour on our morning departure as they rolled, twisted and turned with double spy hops and powerful exhalations. One of the younger individuals swam over towards us and seemed to be acting as a bodyguard as he kept a watchful eye on us. The four other adults did not seem to mind our company and moved towards the vessel as each took a turn looking at everyone on the bow carefully as they rolled their eye out of the water to get a better view, incredible! Watching five 80,000 kilogram whales move with such grace is extraordinary.

The gentle cloud cover enveloped Augusta as the afternoon approached and we journeyed into the glassy conditions. Bottlenose Dolphins moved gently at the surface as we approached two juvenile Southern Right Whales who seemed rather playful and as we sat watching they both swam directly at the bow to have a good look at everyone. Two separate pods then surfaced only meters away as four large adults congregated together including one enormous individual who we did not recognise. Within moments a courtship pod had began and to add even more beauty to the occasion the local Bottlenose Dolphins also arrived on the scene. We sat in a calm and peaceful moment and enjoyed every last minute of our final tour for Season 2018 in Augusta. Gently waving goodbye to these marvellous whales we made our way back to the harbour and we had one final surprise, a tiny baby Southern Right Whale calf and mum were socialising with dolphins just outside the Augusta Boat Harbour. A magnificent way to complete another incredible season, thank you Augusta!

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