Last Tour for Humpback Season 2022

Last tour for Humpback Season 2022 on a beautiful Sunday as we waved goodbye to another magnificent winter and spring spent with Humpback Whales and our wonderful Pod Members. The last of the mother Humpback Whales and calves have almost completed their journey south which leaves few sighting opportunities now for the last of November. The local Bottlenose Dolphins put on a big hunting display on our afternoon cruise as they chased down some fresh fish with much excitement before sharing it amongst the family members.

A very big thank you to everyone who joined us this season and for your wonderful support. Our whales and dolphins are very fortunate to have so many kind people who love and care for them deeply which inspires us to continue our cetacean education and research. The passion and enthusiasm of every guest who joins us is inspiring and we are very grateful for each and every one of you. Further updates for the year ahead and upcoming Bremer Bay Orca Season are to follow, stay tuned!

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