Launching into September Humpbacks

The juvenile whales are launching into the September Humpbacks season with the first front of the southern migration tending to be the young stars of the next Western Australian Humpback generation. These Humpback whales range from one to twelve years of age generally and are lively, excitable individuals who also can be shy at times as they lack the same experience and confidence seen in their elders. Two of these sub adults were travelling together today when we noticed that they had a shadow… another young Humpback Whale was curiously following them but at a safe distance. Humpback Whales are very good at keeping reactionary distances which are very important to ensure survival as it gives them the upper hand and should they need to move away in a hurry they will ensure there is always that reactionary distance there to provide them with the upper hand.

The three young Humpbacks were continuing to follow each other around as the one individual decided to try and travel closer to us and hide in our sound footprint, but to no avail as the other two continued to be fully aware of his presence. Seeming to not want his company anymore one from the pod of two launched his fluke and peduncle into the sky as we watched a beautiful tail lob and perfect example of September Humpbacks Language of the Whales™ and how effectively surface activity will be used to communicate. The two then moved towards some seaweed for a quick “facial” whole the one individual turned his attention towards a breach further out on the horizon… perhaps those whales would be more interested in saying hello and socialising with him.

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