Learn The Language of The Whales

Learn The Language of the Whales with Whale Watch Western Australia as we teach you the incredible life story of the Western Australian Humpback Whale. Today we had a great opportunity to meet a young member of the population as a juvenile Humpback was moving efficiently through Flinders Bay. Focused and intent on moving towards the shallows this youngster looked healthy and round indicating a great summer feeding season for this lovely whale. Summer is spent preparing for the epic migration that will be undertaken over the winter as fat reserves are built by daily feasting in the nutrient rich, krill dense waters of Antarctica. Putting on thousands of kilograms in weight the Humpbacks know they will need these energy reserves to get the through a round trip of 10-13,000 kilometres tracing the WA coastline.

A cheeky juvenile this youngster was who seemed to enjoy checking us out by approaching us for a closer look. It is always a special feeling to be close to these whales and when you are water level with them the experience is immersive as you are very much welcomed into their world, without needing to get the wetsuit on thankfully! The local Bottlenose Dolphins were in a boisterous mood as they approached the juvenile Humpback for a quick hello before making their way over to us for morning greetings. Playtime rolled on as they raced after each other with plenty of wrestling and excitement amongst them. A beautiful autumn morning as we enjoyed another day with the whales and opportunity for our Pod Members (and family doggie Alby!) to Learn the Language of the Whales.

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