Learning From Mother Of Pearl

The beautiful experiences you have watching a mother teaching her calf never cease to amaze us. Today Mother Of Pearl was repeatedly lifting her massive tail fluke out of the water and encouraging little Pearl to do the same. After a few close attempts Pearl managed it on the third go and lifted her fluke (only just!) above the waters surface… Yay!

Having perfect control over her fluke and peduncle muscles is vitally important as she continues to grow into a young whale, but like all babies it will take some practice.

Our Humpbacks also decided today was a good day to get those flukes out of the water and feeling the breeze. Two big Humpbacks moved towards our vessel to check everything and everyone out before continuing on their way. Further away another Humpback pod were not so happy about these two big whales approaching so decided a good show of fluke slapping should deter them from approaching and it certainly did work, the magic of The Language of The Whales!

Lately our gorgeous Bottlenose Dolphin family pod have been spending their mornings and evenings fishing in the Augusta Boat Harbour. They must be having  a bit of success hunting this way as they are repeatedly visiting each day much to our excitement! On our arrival back at the marina we had to stop and say a quick hello to our new friends as we waited for them to clear a path for our return back to the pen, Dolphins really are so much fun!

ID Log
Date – 4.8.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 21. 92 Long – 115 . 13 . 45
Notes –  Male in escort pod, light scarring