Learning The Humpback Whales Migration Path

Learning the Humpback Whales migration path for young calves is an important and time consuming task that the mother whales do superbly well. Today the rain provided a refreshing spritz on our journey to the sighting grounds before clearing and the search began, an exciting moment to be looking for beautiful Humpback Whales. Firstly, it was a faint blow which had everyone wondering if their eyes were playing tricks on them until mother Humpback surfaced and the powerful exhalation pushed skywards. She was in cruise control and her gorgeous calf was much younger than many calves already sighted previously earlier in the southern migration. Looking more like a Minke Whale below the surface, the beautiful markings on this calf were distinctive and although only approximately 2-3 months old this little one was fighting fit.

Mother Whale was carefully guiding her calf through the outskirts of the resting grounds and we watched on as the calf was learning the Humpback Whale migration path off Rottnest Island. This focused pod appeared to be new arrivals and it was great to see both mother and calf looking good even after what would have been a tiring journey to arrive from further north. It was now time to find a suitable spot to rest in and we tracked alongside mother and calf as they also taught us more about the migration path these whales prefer and always a joy to keep observing and learning. The southern migration has slowed over the last week or so and we are anticipating the last of the whales heading south to be moving through over the coming days as this season completes a little earlier than usual. Every year is unique and we love the opportunity to observe each season and the surprises that are there to be discovered, this years calves are healthy which is wonderful to see.

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