Leeuwi & Friends

Leeuwi was enjoying exploring Flinders Bay with mum and we sighted him on both our morning and afternoon tours. Lately mum has had a new male escort with her who has helped add a little bit of extra protection for Leeuwi and he is certainly starting to become a character as he gets a bit older now and his personality starts to shine through!

Pearl and Mother Of Pearl were also enjoying some relax time and fantastic to see the quick growth in size and length of Pearl. In the peaceful nursery grounds Pearl is able to practice all of the unique behaviours she will learn from her mum and prepare herself for the long journey back to Antarctica so her mum can begin feeding again.

Beautiful Albatross and Australasian Gannets were also sighted with a lovely looking plane flying over us as we headed back to the marina who must have had a fantastic view of the bay and Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse when approaching the Augusta Airport✈️

ID Log
Date – 10.8.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 20. 84 Long – 115 . 13 . 55
Notes – New escort of female (Leeuwi’s Mum)