Length of Humpback Pectoral Fin

Length of Humpback pectoral fin is up to five meters for an adult Humpback Whale and today a gorgeous calf gave us a big pec wave. It was a chilly breeze ruffling the waters surface as we departed the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour and made our way towards the sighting grounds. Scanning carefully we could see a muffled blow and as we approached this pod a very friendly and curious calf surfaced to say hello. The little one had found some seaweed and was trying to pick it up and balance it on a tiny rostrum as mother whale rested below. Her enormous shadow could be seen underneath her calf as the little one played while mother whale slept. It was a beautiful sight to see as eventually both mother and calf surfaced and came over to investigate us curiously. The little one was thrilled to come over for a closer look as we smiled to see both mother and calf looking very well.

The length of a Humpback Whales pectoral fins can reach up to five meters in length and weigh in at up to one thousand kilograms! They are the longest pectorals of any whale species on the planet and as todays young calf gave us a big pec wave it was easy to see the potential for these big pecs. Similar to big paws on a young puppy, the big pectorals on these young calves have a lot of growing to do but in the coming years will grow in length and weight to be an impressive and important part of the way these Humpback Whales communicate, protect and compete in the waters off the Western Australian coastline. Wishing mother and whale all the best for the rest of their stay we made our way past the Perth city skyline and towards Sardine Jetty to enjoy the rest of the day ahead.

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