Lest We Forget

Today was Remembrance Day as we reflect and remember all those who have given their all so that we may enjoy the freedom and peace we have everyday. It has become an important day to not only remember those past but also our current Diggers who dedicate their lives to ensuring the freedom, safety and happiness of all who are blessed to call Australia home. Our lives simply would not be the same without these brave men and women, their sacrifice and dedication will forever be intricately intertwined with our lives and that of our future generations.

Departing the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour and making our way out to the sighting grounds we observed multiple pods moving through the area. A communication began amongst them as the mothers and calves practiced the tail lob this morning with one of the little ones repeating the language over and over. Perfecting their technique takes time and the calves love the opportunity to stretch out and practice what their mum has taught them over the last few weeks. Just prior to 11am we were very grateful to join with our guests onboard in playing the Last Post and reflecting during one minutes silence before casting our flowers into the sea in remembrance and thanks to all of our soldiers and veterans. It was a very special moment to share with everyone and during that time the whales also remained silently below the surface, we all felt very fortunate to be part of Remembrance Day in such a unique way which reflected the freedoms we have and enjoy.

After the minutes silence the mums and calves resurfaced and we could see them all on the move with one pod in particular very interested in us as she approached. Coming in for a close look she seemed very happy and curious as both her and bub swam alongside closely. Using our sound footprint she was able to approach the other pods a few hundred meters ahead without being detected so as not to startle the others. Once she was within range it made us smile to see her gently roll over and into friendly pec slapping as she politely introduced herself to the other mum and calf pods. The other mums welcomed her into the creche and she was allowed to settle in close to the others as they all began to rest together with only eighty or so meters in-between all of the pods. Wishing them well we wondered if these pods would be socialising later this afternoon after getting on so well during the morning interactions.

The breeze was warm and a slight cloud haze settled in for the afternoon as we moved out into a similar area from this morning as a mother and her calf launched into breaching near the shallows. She was a long way off from any other pods and we wondered if her defensive response was due to a pesky shark having startled her, after a short time she settled back in to resume her resting so we wished her well and moved out towards some activity on the horizon. Mothers and calves were socialising as some played with seaweed while one calf in particular was very excited to practice some breaching. Showing off the little cutie breached over and over as all pods converged together in a very social afternoon. It was lovely to be welcomed into the fun and see just how excitable and enthusiastic these calves are with such a happiness amongst them all. A very special Remembrance Day to enjoy on the ocean with our Whales and Pod Members onboard, thank you to everyone for joining us on such an important day. Lest We Forget

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