Lighthouse + Humpback = :)

Our favourite shot to capture while we are in Augusta is two of the most magical things Augusta is renowned for, herĀ magnificent Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and of course the beautiful giants she shares her bay with. Today we had the perfect opportunity as a pod of rowdy male Humpbacks raced acrossĀ Flinders Bay with amazing speed and agility.

Many other Humpbacks were also around with a bit of breaching going on amongst the pods as they communicated to one another. We are definitely starting to move further into our season as more and more whales begin visiting Flinders Bay and the male Humpbacks are taking the opportunity in such a popular Humpback place to start introducing themselves to the lovely ladies!

ID Log
DateĀ –Ā 15.6.16
Species –Ā Humpback
LatĀ –Ā 34 . 20Ā . 53Ā Long –Ā 115 . 14Ā . 31

NotesĀ –Ā Individual had white scar on right flank & dorsal fin curved to his right side