Little Shearwater Release

Little Shearwater release onboard this morning as Western Australian Seabird Rescue released three youngsters back into the wild today. Our first encounters were with mother Humpback Whales and their calves as they stretched out in the calm conditions and enjoyed their morning in the resting grounds. It was lovely to see them all looking very well and relaxed as the rhythm of surfacing and resting was observed from all of the pods. Little Shearwaters were getting excited as the scent of the ocean got those instincts kicking into gear as they were ready and rearing to go as the lovely ladies from WASR assisted them for takeoff. It is always wonderful to see these seabirds have an opportunity to return back to their wild homes and we are very grateful for the hard work and dedication of all the volunteers who give these birds a fighting chance.

A ruffling of white water could be seen as two of the pods ahead began communicating towards each other. The calves were practicing little tail lobs and creating an explosion of white water as they showed off to each other cheekily. One mother whale in particular had the most beautiful dorsal fin which looked in appearance like a mix of Minke  and Fin Whale. Pointed and elegant she calmly surfaced alongside her enthusiastic calf who ventured over for a closer look at everyone onboard. Mother whale surfaced only a few meters away as she curiously investigated us before rounding out and diving with her calf following close on her fluke. It was a lovely morning to enjoy some time with these special whales in the waters off Fremantle.

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