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Bremer Bay Killer Whales Watching

The small and beautiful coastal township of Bremer Bay is home to the largest known congregation of Orca in the southern hemisphere and is the only place in Australia you can be guaranteed to meet these apex predators. Gathering every summer, over 150 Orca and other marine predators visit the Bremer Canyon to feed on an abundance of prey from January to March every year.
Bremer Bay is located 5.5 hours drive from Perth or a two hour drive from Albany. Self drive, planes and personalised bus transport are the best ways to get to Bremer Bay. Should you be travelling through Bremer Bay with a caravan it is the perfect place to add into your travel itinerary and spend a few days enjoying the pristine beaches.
The whale watching season in Bremer Bay focuses on two seasons who both have slightly different peak seasons. Depending on when you are wanting to go whale watching or what species you are inspired to meet will determine the best time to visit Bremer Bay.

January - April

One of the best places in the world to go whale watching all happens off the coastline of Bremer Bay every January to March. Orca, Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales and Sunfish are just a few of the many species who gather during this time of year to feast on squid and pelagic fish species. The largest congregation of Orca in the southern hemisphere provides the perfect opportunity to meet one of the most elusive species in the ocean, the wild Orca of Australia.

July - October

Southern Right Whales begin to arrive from July onwards in sheltered waters located around Bremer Bay to give birth to the next generation. During these months for the keen eyed observer the occasional Humpback Whale will also be sighted during their northern and southern migrations. The best place to search for and view the resting mothers and calves are in the sheltered bays around Bremer.
During our Orca season (January to March) we see the average temperature between 15 to 26°C (59 to 80°F) and beautiful warm sunny days. The Southern Right Whales arrival in the sheltered bays along the coastline bring with them the cooler days of winter and spring. July to October will see an average temperature of 12 to 24°C (53 to 75°F) and a warm jacket is always useful all year round.
The two seasons in Bremer Bay bring with them different whale species with some of the most elusive animals found in Australian waters often sighted out in the Bremer Canyon. The nursery grounds for Southern Right Whales located closer to the coastline are a vital part for the growth of these endangered species.

Orca – Killer Whale

The largest congregation known in the southern hemisphere has over 150 individuals gathering from January to April. The family pod’s of Bremer Bay Killer Whales or Orca are feeding on squid and pelagic fish species during this time of year, some of the Bremer Bay Orca’s are generalist’s, meaning they prey on varied diets, including other cetaceans and we often sight social behaviour, live hunts and interaction with our vessel and guests onboard.

Sperm Whale

The largest toothed predator on the planet who also has the largest brain of any creature on earth, the Sperm Whale is certainly a very impressive individual. An apex predator in their own right, Sperm Whales also feast on the millions of squid that gather in the Bremer Canyon during January to March.

Pilot Whales

One of the most beautiful whale species we interact with, the large family pods of Pilot Whales can see hundreds of individual travelling together with most of the pods we interact with numbering from 200 – 1,000 individuals. Highly social and interactive most will often come right up to our vessel to check everyone out before continuing their busy forging for the next meal.

Species Sighted in Bremer Canyon

The list of different species sighted in the Bremer Canyon is unique to this marine eco frontier and although not sighted on every trip, these are just some of the amazing sightings we often encounter. Sunfish, Beaked Whales, Oceanic Dolphin Species, NZ Fur Seals, Australian Sea Lions, Sharks, Albatross and other pelagic bird and fish species.

Southern Right Whales

During July to October the heavily pregnant female Southern Right Whales arrive along the southern coastlines of Australia to give birth to the next generation.Resting in the calm and sheltered waters of Bremer Bay the will raise their calves over the cold winter months in protected waters as they prepare for their late spring migration back towards Antarctica. During this time of year the occasional sighting of Humpback Whales can also be spotted as they migrate past the coastline.
The peaceful township of Bremer Bay is a perfect place to spend some time enjoying the natural beauty and wildlife of the region. Fishing, surfing, paddle boarding, the Historical Wellstead Museum, Leafy Sea Dragon Dives and a round of golf or a tennis match are great ways to spend your time in Bremer Bay. The calmness of the coastal town will allow you to unwind and enjoy nature at its finest, especially when there are wild Orca just waiting for you to meet them!
Located at the end of Swarbrick Road, the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour is only a short five minute drive out of town. There is plenty of free parking along with a local Australian Sea Lion who can often be sighted cruising around the harbour. Neighbouring Glassy Island is often home to thousandths of nesting seabirds depending on the season and there is also a colony of Australian Sea Lions and Fairy Penguins who happily call Glassy Island home.

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January – April

Swarbrick Road

Bremer Bay, Western Australia

5 hours south east of Perth.One of the most pristine eco wilderness areas in the world.