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The tourist holiday town of Dunsborough in Western Australia is a hot spot for West Australians and both national and international visitors. There are fantastic beaches and Capes to discover but most visitors come for the annual Humpback & Southern Right Whale migration. Geographe Bay is a resting area for the southern migration of the Humpback Whale and the calving grounds of the Southern Right Whale
The town of Dunsborough is located 2.5 hours drive south from the city of Perth, Western Australia. The best way to travel to Dunsborough is with our Day Tour luxury bus with beautiful scenery and comfortable roads throughout the journey. Should you choose to drive yourself the journey is an easy drive from Perth. The TransWA bus also departs from Perth to Dunsborough regularly throughout the week should public transport be a suitable option for your travel plans.
The whale watching southern migration season in Dunsborough begins in early September every year and is available until late November. The season changes slightly with different activity levels and as the Humpback migration passes through Geographe Bay while the Southern Right Whales start to depart the area in October with their calves.

Late September - Early November

The epic southern Humpback migration reaches a peak during this time as the Humpback Whales arrive in Geographe Bay on their journey back to Antarctica to their summer feeding grounds. During this time of year we can sight much activity amongst the Humpbacks including intimate mother & calf interactions as the new generation is taught the Language of the WhalesTM.
The peak whale watching season in Dunsborough is during the Australian spring months with an average temperature of 21°C (70°F). We advise dressing warmly and though Burke Jackets are provided it is recommended to dress to conditions. The jetboat is new and comfortable with secure seating and does have sahde on warmer days. Weather conditions during spring can be very pleasant with sunny days and clear, crisp conditions perfect for whale watching. We do recommend if possible allowing flexibility in your itinerary so you have the option of transferring your tour should there be better weather conditions during your time in the region.
Geographe Bay in Dunsborough is one of very few places in Australia where we have the opportunity to see both Humpback Whales and Southern Right Whales visiting during the same season and sharing the same bay. We find that both whale species get on very well with no aggression between each other and they will mostly stick to their own areas of the bay. We have sighted on rare occasions interactions between these two baleen whale species with much curiosity throughout tower interaction. There is also the possibility each season on rare occasions to discover the Blue & Minke Whale but these are not guaranteed as they generally move through the area very quickly.

Southern Right Whales

The nursery grounds located in Geographe Bay and around Bunker Bay for the still endangered Southern Right Whale is a vital part of this beautiful species recovery from near extinction. Every season we see numbers slowly increasing as more females arrive to give birth to the next generation of Australian Southern Rights in the protected and sheltered waters found in Dunsborough waters. Meeting one of these magnificent whales is a privilege and very special encounters can be had in Geographe & Bunkers Bay as curious juveniles and calves approach our vessel to interact with everyone onboard.

Humpback Whales

The acrobatic, graceful Humpback Whales are a favourite amongst whale watchers of the world due to their energetic and acrobatic displays as they communicate the Language of the Whales tm. During the spring months they are migrating back towards the feeding grounds of Antarctica with their new generation of calves. We sight such initmate behaviour on the southern migration in Dunsborough as all age groups, both male and female, young and old, congregate for a quick rest and to socialise before they continue their journey south.
After joining your whale watch experience and seeing the beautiful Geographe Bay it is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Dunsborough & Busselton. You can travel out to sea 1.8klm’s on the longest wooden jetty in the world at the Busselton foreshore, journey out to the majestic Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, enjoy a beer or wine tasting at many of the local breweries and wineries, beachcomb & BBQ along some of the beautiful beaches or get some photography opportuntities at Point Picquet lookout or for the more active hit the surf at Bunkers Bay, Yallingup or close by Margaret River, one of the best surf breaks in the world.
The Dunsborough Jetty is located just off Bay View Crescent. There is plenty of free parking and restrooms located at the park adjacent to the jetty. The Jetty is a safe and comfortable place to depart from to enjoy your whale watch experience with easy boarding and NO BEACH LANDINGS. There are also bbq facilities and parking available for trailers, caravans or buses if you are travelling through the region.

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