Longest Pectorals of Any Whale

The longest pectorals of any whale belong to the Humpback, measuring in at up to five meters long and one tonne in weight they are enormous! Flinders Bay had Humpbacks all around this morning as the peak of the northern migration continued. Many escort pods were enjoying the quiet time in the bay, relaxing and sleeping while they could. The energy up ahead would eventually make its way into the coastline, but for now the males were busily chasing after a couple of females up ahead. The pectoral fins of one female in particular were being put to good use as she pec slapped to keep the boys attention. They jostled around her as each male tried his best to keep close to the female and not be pushed out of the competition pod, not an easy task!

A pod of three up ahead began to respond to the approaching competition pod and we were amazed to watch a perfectly timed double breach as two whales moved in incredible unison, both landing back on the surface at the exact same time. A very strong message as double the noise was created in that very strong display and it didn’t take long for the competition pod to respond. The female also launched into a couple of breaches of her own and incorporated some of that useful pec slapping to be heard above the other whales. It appeared that the female in the pod ahead managed to encourage a couple of the males in the comp pod closest to us to depart and approach her instead. The longest pectorals of any whale once again came into importance as the female next to us continued to pec slap to retain the remaining males and keep their focus.

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