Lucky’s Pod

Lucky’s pod is one of our favourite family pods to interact with and today we enjoyed the company of not onlyLucky but her entire 18+ pod member family. Our morning began with the excitement of Common Dolphins who raced over to greet us and there certainly isn’t anything too common about them at all. Simply beautiful, the yellow toned bellies highlighted the streamlined silhouette of these graceful ocean travellers as they porpoised and enjoyed some bow riding on the journey out. The guidance of soaring Shearwaters and Albatross who were also searching for the Orca kept everyones eyes peeled and after a little while a lone male dorsal broke the surface.

Scanning carefully it wasn’t until a short time later that the next resurfacing was sighted and the distinctive movement of Lucky and her large family pod appeared. We spent the next few hours observing this unique family and with three very large and mature males, they are an impressive sight to behold as the family surfaces as one. They enjoyed some close interactions as one of the females raced along our bow before joining with one of our favourite males in the canyon, Cortez. The family pushed back up to the east before settling in on a preferred foraging ground and began getting into the focus required to find their prey in the deep blue. The large amount of mature adults within this family means they make a fantastic team as the teamwork of each pod member combines together and results in one powerful, fluid moving unit making Lucky’s pod a special one.

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