All Day Whale Watch Nutrition

It is a full day in the Bremer Canyon and our guests nutrition is paramount to keeping up the energies to hunt with the Orca’s of Bremer Bay. Our attentive crew makes sure that all guests are well looked after throughout their day. A variety of meals, snacks and drinks are available throughout your journey and are all included on the Bremer Canyon Orca Experience. There is no specific time to eat and our galley is just like your kitchen at home. Orca spend most of their day hunting and throughout our day we enjoy grazing, very much like the Orca!

  • Homemade scones, jam and cream
  • Fruit muffins and toast
  • Bacon and egg muffins
  • Fresh seasonal fruit
  • Ham and cheese toasties
  • Selection of  tea, coffee, milo and hot chocolate
  • Assorted lunch options (hot/cold pasta, salads, chicken, hot pots)
  • Water, juice, gatorade, assorted soft drinks and fresh ginger water
  • Popcorn, chips, muesli bars, noodles, fruit cups, miso and soup cups
  • Afternoon cheese board accompanied with beer and champagne

All our meals are prepared fresh and with local produce. Whale Watch Western Australia can also cater for specific dietary requirements when you are travelling on the Bremer Canyon Orca Experience. Please advise our team at the time of booking and we will be able to assist. Enjoying a delicious meal and keeping hydrated throughout your day is an important part of your Orca experience.

You can enjoy your meals inside or have your lunch out on the bow with the Orca. Our onboard photographer will continue to capture photos for our guests to download while you enjoy your lunch with the wildlife of the Bremer Canyon. Our complimentary beer and champagne is available on the trip back to the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour to celebrate a special occasion of meeting wild Orca!

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