Magnificent Eight

Four female Humpbacks and their four beautiful calves were all mingling today and we were front and centre amongst this very large and sociable pod! It all began when we met the first mother/calf pod who came right up to our vessel and the young calf was enjoying some playful and very relaxed twisting and turning, showing off his belly to us! Soon another mother/calf pod approached and our excitement grew as we noticed the two other pods that were originally a bit further away were also approaching. Soon the original two became eight whales all socialising at the surface with plenty of twist and turns from the young calves who seemed so excited to have met some new friends.

All the females seemed very relaxed on this picture perfect day, allowing their calves plenty of time to enjoy practicing their socialising manners and the interaction was very calm and gentle. Two of the females were slightly smaller and so were their calves, this was a great example for our guests today of the size difference between a more mature females calf and the younger females. Although all eight different sizes and ages were close together you could see the very precise and gentle interaction these females were teaching their calves and how to be respectful of their new friends.

ID Log
Date – 4.11.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – Undisclosed Long – Undisclosed
Notes – Female of calf, both approached and interacted with our vessel